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United Christian Parish (UCP) is located at 745 N Brush Street (at the intersection of 8th and Brush) in Lakeport, California near beautiful Clear Lake.    

Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:00 am

Hymn Sing at 9:45 am
Worship Service at 10 am
with Kid's Choir after the Children's Moment

On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
UCP hosts Free Kitchen from 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Meals served from 4:00 to 5:00 pm

On the 2nd Sunday of the month
Following our worship service we will have an all church potluck from 11:20 am to Noon
All Committees (except Buildings and Grounds) meet from Noon to 1:00 pm
Parish Coordinating Council meets from 1:00 to 2:00 pm

Upcoming Worship Services


Oct 5                    Shift 4  From Serve Us to Service                   Acts 6:1-7
Today’s text is about choosing people who will serve outside of the church. We’ll explore the call of Stephen and learn about Stephen’s Ministries. We will explore the difference between churches that are attractional (focused on getting people in) vs. missional (focused on serving those who are out). Where are we and where can we grow? How are we uniquely shaped to serve? Today we’ll take a look at our shape with something more telling than a mirror!

Today is also World Communion Sunday. Today we will participate in a communion service unlike any other. As we focus on Mission Engagement we will remember Christians who have given everything to Engage the Mission of Jesus Christ. There will be a variety of breads at the table, each representing a nation where the cost of discipleship has proven to be one’s very life. All Christians give something of themselves, but some, we will find, have given all.

Oct 12                     From Survival Mentality to Generosity                    Matthew 6:19-34
We have some money issues in our communities. Church should be a safe place to talk about money because people have issues with money & they need help. We should also be speaking about money in church because that is the model Jesus left for us. Depending on how you count, some say Jesus told 39-46 parables. Regardless of how you count fully a third of them have to do with money &/or how it is used. The only other thing Jesus spent more time talking about ,was the kingdom of God! Since many of us are focused on surviving our money woes & Jesus was primarily inviting us to be generous– how do we SHIFT from survivor mentality to generosity?

As we move on from Phil Maynard’s book we’ll recall the ultimate SHIFT story, when God intervened in human history to free the Israelites from bondage. The journey was neither comfortable nor easy and took the Hebrews 40 years to complete. Over those years God demanded that they make some changes, how much easier will ours seem in comparison?

Oct 19                                    The Burden                                      Exodus 1:8-20
A new king had come to power and with his reign, a reign of terror for God’s people. How did they behave under the burden? Do we praise God even in the storm? Even when we are weary unto death? What of our choice to moral behavior? The midwives are creative in their task but they do get the job done. Where can we be more creative?

Oct 26                                          The Burning Bush                      Exodus 3:1-15
 The bush was burning but not consumed! Do we burn with the passion of God or are we dying embers? If we will fan to the flame the faith that is within us we will burn brightly but we shan’t be consumed!




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